Intro to Sports Banter!

It’s Sports Banter 2.0 and I’m not even 3 weeks in! These are exciting times gentlemen and gentleladies. This is a sports website as astute passerby’s may have guessed. As you can see I’ve pulled out all the stops on this free webpage. I have a passion for sports and sports writing and if I may say so myself, a unique voice to go with it. Some say I am hilarious-others that I am drop dead handsome. But in truth not enough people say either of those things or I wouldn’t find the need to panhandle my thoughts on the World Wide Web. I used to love to read Bill Simmons and I used to swear that he sometimes had heard me and my friend talk about a topic and then written about it. Unfortunately, I’ve enjoyed his writing less and less in the last year. My writing is influenced by him(the good version who crops up now and then) as well as anyone else who I find intelligent, informed, or hilarious. Regardless including his name in this paragraph may get me like 8-10 more hits. On top of the ones from my mom. And how many times I refresh this page. Anyway, my name is Adrian and i’m going to include the stories I write for my school paper as well as the ones that can’t make it in for whatever reason. I like to mix in jokes but I believe its important to back up what you say as well. With that said….Dumdumdum-dumdumdum This is Sports Banter!(And cue the lawsuit).P.S. In one of my Journalism courses I’m learning about how advertising basically runs the world. If any of you corporate big wigs wants to jump on the wagon early, I’m all ears. Seriously. I have no shame. I will wear a banner to class if I have to.


1 Response to “Intro to Sports Banter!”

  1. 1 Nethanel Ziv
    October 26, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    Well as a sports player and advocate, I believe this article was quite interesting. To digress it was morbidly unnecessary as well. Great job Denzel Washington, but let’s try to get a little more variety into this work of literature. Till the next time here is a suggestion, what about current failures like Joe Torre’s departure!!!

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