Yankee blog? Reused joke? Clarification for the masses.

When I started this I planned on doing more varied sports coverage, and not only have I focused on baseball but I’ve also focused on the Yankees primarily. The reason is because I write Yankee stuff in one of my classes that blows and don’t have to do too much research for the articles. I’m gonna start mixing it up. If you read the last two articles I also reused a boston related joke. I know I did, this isn’t amateur hour at the apollo damnit. It got cut out of my last article by my paper’s editor and I sent this article in along with a scathing(note: it wasn’t really scathing) comment saying that I didn’t want jokes cut out since it is a bloggy piece. Anyway, enjoy the articles feel free to respond with your own “banter”. Heh I crack myself up.


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